Various (Blues) - Feeling Taxim 2
Taxim  (1999)
Blues, Blues-Rock

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CD    18 tracks 
   01   Cuesta Grade   Paul Keim          
   02   I Wanna Get Up   John Campbelljohn Trio          
   03   When Will It Come To Me   Elizabeth Lee          
   04   Pure Heart   Wild Seeds          
   05   The Calling   Taylor Barton          
   06   Comes A Time   David West & The Dead Strings          
   07   Beautiful Tombstone   Alex Call          
   08   Wolf   Beau Brummels          
   09   Downtime   Jr. Gone Wild          
   10   All The Tea In China   Guthrie Thomas          
   11   A Travellin' Man   Steve Postell & Little Blue          
   12   Black Dress   Kevin Gordon          
   13   It's All Gone   Schluff Jull          
   14   Walk The Street Alone   Billy Goodman          
   15   Roller Coaster Ride   Carol Elliott          
   16   Sacrifice   Walking Wounded          
   17   I Thought I Had A Flash   The Urn          
   18   Run For Cover   Alex Parche Band          
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Purchase Date 24.02.2000